Saturday, June 18, 2005

DOG TREK - To Boldly Go Where No Dog Has Gone Before

Only once in his life, there was a trivial crisis as to whether he was to be christened Julius Caesar or Hyundai Santro.But Roman history prevailed over the "hep car" fad, much to the relief of the gathering assembled there. And thus began the great era of lowered blood pressures, increased Domex usage and last but not the least non-yielding investments. Let me not cause you any mental unrest. To eliminate the mystery of this entity's identity, he is in fact man's best friend and more succinctly, the one I share bonhomie with, my dog.

His travails have been a constant source of gossip among the local K-9 community, insofar as his vet has written a book which, unfortunately, could not be published since the editor died of a stroke (that has wrongly been attributed to his reading the manuscript).Anyhow, Caesar has journeyed to a host of Indian cities towns and villages in various states and to a UT as well. For reasons of scarcity of space (although this is the www, I don’t like really long anecdotes and so I presume is the reader's case) I shall summarily describe his life history in a few terse episodes and cut out his personal reminiscences and reflections (in spite of his vehement protests to include here his views on "Cats And Other Pests" and a short passage on "Telephone Poles And Similar Nature Call Destinations").

Wait for Dog Trek Episode 1 - The 'Pants-torn' Menace

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