Sunday, December 20, 2009

Demand and desperation

We have the Macroeconomics End Term along with Human Resource Management on Monday (21st Dec).
So what did we do?
We drive down to Ambience and tried booking tickets for Avatar 3D tonight(19th Dec).
House Full. In fact, desperate souls were already waiting near the ticket counter for cancellations.

Whose idea was it?

Ah yes, I forgot to mention. Rational souls would've come back seeing the House Full. Rational souls.
But of course, that boat had sailed long ago. We bought tickets for the Sunday night(20th) 23:40 show.

Whose idea was it?

And of course, the third idiot who actually got ready to sponsor the Gold(Rs 850) show for tonight.

Another look at the first idiot? Here he is again.

So, here we are... Avatar 3D tickets ready for tomorrow night.

3 Cheers to the 3 idiots.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The End The Doors

"Feels like a million squirrels are biting my foot off"
- NSquare, Badminton Court.

"Am I alive?
Any limbs missing?
Any parts twisted weirdly out of place?
Broken bones?
Don't think so.
Any gashes/bruises?

- KungFu Panda, Briefly @ NDE

Maybe there was no apple
- Kadi, Badminton Court.
Moral of the story is "If you eat paan, it unlocks your brain"
- Darua, HRM Class.

brought to you by:
The Seal Clubbing Society & Send Swamis To Amsterdam Chit Fund