Saturday, February 11, 2006

Unforgettable Little Things

Eyes closed. Memory taking over.

Rain drops pattering on huge teak leaves above my head
The misted breeze near a beach which fogs my glasses
That step which I unexpectedly miss going down the stairs
Water dripping off my skin after a swim
The tingling electric shock that is unasked for
Foggy breath that accompanies words on winter mornings
The squishiness when I wiggle my toes in wet shoes
The touch of cool marble on my face after a long run
The sharp rain that pelts my hand when its out of the train window
The early dawn dew when I walk barefoot on green grass
The cool rush of water in my parched dry throat
The singing sound in my ears on Diwali night
The rapid rush of air when I cycle downhill
The wet nose of a dog between my toes
The severe cold water during a 11 pm bath that knocks my breath out
The blitz across a thunder filled night sky

Memory is a superb thing...I think.


  1. hey u forgot to mention the following:
    1.the feeling after ur last exam is over and u get to go home for the hols..
    2. the feeling when u wake at 6.45 and realise that u have 15 more minutes to sleep..
    3.when the prof forgets about a test or assignment that u havent studied for/completed..
    i could just go on!!

  2. You remember things which people barely dont remember things right in front of are the craziest son-of-a-bitch I've known....