Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Northern lights " Aurora Borealis "

About 3 months ago....I accompanied a friend to a North-Indian wedding.
Ordinarily peak winter + delhi => hot mug of cocoa and novels for most ppl.
But the malicious muhurths of our Indian culture are without respite. So there we were about a 1000 ppl gorging upon the delectable food served at the innumerable(12 or so) various stalls situated at prime locations in the beautifully manicured lawns.
To the right, the chef was flippin rotis beside a server dressed like salad serving...u guessed it....salad. To the left, the tandoori loving crowd was as strong as the paneer butter masala lovin crowd. Like undergrowth in an evergreen the size of my ankle kept chasing imaginary pixies flying in the heavy cold air. Further ahead i could just make out the beginning of a queue for the sweets serving sector.
In my peripheral vision i could see my host and hostess, the married couple. They were accepting gifts from guests like guns from surrendering naxals and had big plastic smiles on their faces. Who can blame them. Your face would be just as rigid if u were asked to smile 24X7(24 hrs @ 7 degrees).
It is at times like these that i love my elastic lined stomach.But I am without a fault....who wouldn't eat their heart out if the entire north-indian section of a restaurant menu was served that too free.

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