Friday, November 20, 2009

Change Master

Dear Blog,

The day I walked into MDI Gurgaon, I walked out of the time-space continuum. Out of the time component of the continuum, at least. Your usual "What's up?" can no longer be answered by my usual "Nothing much" and a long story elaborating the answer. I now have a minimum 3 things to do at any given instant. Seriously.

Ergo, there are some changes that you and I will both have to live with.
1. You will have to resign to being black and white at best. No more colours.
2. No more of your favourite 500+ word dishes. Only leftovers from the day or the week.
3. You will not sulk when I come back after ignoring you for weeks or even months.
4. Detailed imagery is out of stock. Now now, don't you cry. Accept the crispy new flavour. As and when you get it.
5. When I mention my other literary work or article/news links in front of you, don't be jealous.

Remember my dear blog. Change is inevitable. Don't just wait for it. Plan for it.
We shall stay in touch.

Your faithful author