Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mutual Exclusion

Intelligence: Encarta says its whatever the intelligence tests measure.
Evolution:The complex processes that span large durations and which result in the passing of some favourable traits of a species to its offspring and the subversion of other traits.

We know that humans have evolved to this present state. Constant weeding out of weaklings...whether physical or mental has resulted in this perfect species....homo sapiens sapiens.We are now the most advanced species on this planet. We can adapt to any environment, survive any catastrophe, switch off the fury of nature whenever it decides to inconvenience us, bend its effects to our will. We will in a few years be capable to even transcend its ultimate climax, the destruction of planet earth.

Are we going to evolve further ? Will we see new manifestations of humankind ?
I am sorry but the answer is NO. Because we have lost the need to. Any barrier is mounted by the convenient tool that we have called intelligence. And i mean ANY barrier. We need to realise this fact. Intelligence and Evolution are mutually exclusive. In fact evolution culminates in intelligence.Hard to digest?....well take ur time.

Nature tries to make us evolve but to no avail. Any disease is cured using medicines. All deformed or weak children also survive. I am not saying they shouldn't. I am just quoting a fact. Whenever a natural calamity occurs, aid comes to the affected in overwhelming amounts.So the end point is a known one. We remain the way we are. We remain humans. Any different versions of us are classified as freaks and ostracized from our society.It is a fact. Evolution is no more. We have come to an EVOLUSTOP.