Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sinking "Life"boat

Life is showing me unspeakable horrors,
Yet, anger, I do not know your colour.
Each day, the numbers on my wall tick,
With mind numbing slowness, it makes me sick.
My friend tells me, The Bridge won't break,
Yet, at nights, I lie awake.
Ominous thoughts, holding my head in their sway,
Every second, every hour, every day.
With such a crucial time ahead, I wonder,
Will I stay afloat or am I going under?

Now I tag the other regular blogger that I know: Revathi
So my utterly 'Vetti' have to write a poem now....


  1. Don't worry my dear friend..You'll always cross the bridge..either it is broken or even if ti is burnt down to ashes...

  2. duh!!u want me to write a poem!!i cant even write a rhyme properly!!
    i shall try my level best!!all i ask for is time!!
    and i think i ll agree with vijay krish above when he says that u ll cross the bridge whatsoever!!