Monday, March 30, 2009

Yappy Yappy Budday!

Rahulji and Rahul...

Wish you both a bhery bhery Happy Birthday.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

CATatonia.... (EPISODE 2)

The year of strike 3... CAT 2008 saw me appear successfully (inspite of hyderbad traffic) at 6 major exams. IIFT, CAT, SNAP, NMAT, XAT and FMS. It is fruitless to go into the why-s and what-margin-s that the results made me face. Suffice it to say that ultimately, I got 4 calls. SIBM, IMT-Ghaziabad, MDI-Gurgaon, SPJain-Mumbai. No IIMs. Period. Hey... Don't fret. I thank my stars that there was atleast a 2nd Episode to write about!!

The next posts contain verbatim accounts of each of my interviews.
I request my regular readers(all the 3 or 4 of them) to stop swearing and screaming. Think of the greater good guys! Of the next generation of MBA-aspirants who scan the internet for articles like this. (I confess... a month ago, I was truly dying for a blog about GD/PIs.)
Anyway... As I forge ahead, I leave you the wise words from that one hit wonder wonder Chetan Bhagat...

"What follows is not a guide on how to clear interviews or how to convert them. It is just an account of how F***ED up life can get if you don't think straight."
--- R@hul

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Written Summary

I am no Ekta Kapoor. I know the patience limit is hit when I see no comments on any of my blogs even after 2 months. So, by public demand the thick gray paste of brevity will be applied generously to this post.

NMAT: (Round 4)No matter how hard you sit there and try to deny it, it won't go away. This exam mocks at you. It points its stubby, grimy fingers and says 'ha ha'. And you are transported. 10 years back in time. A small wooden desk. A small piece of graphite HB pencil between your XXL fingers. Yes. You are in fact writing the seventh standard school entrance exam. And yes, you are crying for your mother. For those heavenly after-exam puris in the tiffin box which she nestles in her arm. But the others around you are intently answering questions like....... 1400*555/70+35% of 35000 = ? And you realize the truth. The Wachowski Bros must surely have written NMAT right before they developed the concept of The Matrix. I am not joking. The entire Quant section had questions exactly like that above. Of course, to protect themselves from public mockery, we weren't allowed to take the papers out of that hall.

XAT: (Round 5) The perfect MBA entrance paper. I have never seen such a brilliantly set paper in my life. The sectional balance. The time constraints. Beautiful. Really. If only I didn't hafta hear an MMTS train go by every 20 minutes, my paper would've gone splendidly. Oh well... No excuses. [Edit: On hindsight, XAT was the best paper of the MBA season 2008]

FMS: (Round 6) Suppose you were a freakin' Mechanic asked to dismantle a nuclear weapon and then to reassemble it in 5 minutes. What would you do? That's right... Hit it 4-5 times. And die. That seemed to be the intention of the University of Delhi. Population control. A billion questions and a few minutes to answer them and they want a bloody sectional performance too. What is it with these Delhi-ites huh?? Freakin Martians I tell ya. Freakin Martians.