Thursday, June 02, 2005

Rammstein's Amerika

Americans make for a very interesting anthropological study....
At the beginning of time....
There was a guy called Joe. Joe fell short of resources so he went looking. One day he discovered a new resource rich land populated by a stone age race open to friendship and trade. So Joe traded 1 lighter & 2 radios for 10 barrels of oil daily. The races loved Joe's clothes and his clever little devices and imitated him.Joe taught them to smoke, use plastic, live recklessly, dress minimally and other admirable traits. Some religious leaders(call them mullahs if u like) disliked the direction the ppl were taking and issued diktats. But their pleas were "over and out"-ed by the ppl. Regularly the mullahs broke Joe's windows. Joe complained to his frens that his home was threatened. And he waited...Slowly even the ppl of the race realised that Joe was short-changing them in their oil deals. Joe became aware of this growing hostility among both the mullahs and the people. BUT he still waited.....One day a glass shard went into his forearm....BAM!! He went out and shot every mullah(except 1 who hides even today). But the matter didn't end there.He told his friends and kids...."those people are dangerous...they are making Wocko-poison Mummy Destroyers(WMDs) and ur mothers might get we have to shoot them and take away their that ok?".....the son said "allright it" and WHAM!! he and a couple of his friends made a pre-emptive strike(but they found no WMDs). He stationed 5 of his trusted bulldogs there in order ensure continuous supply of oil. He lied to his own son. The friends said nothing coz they needed the cheap priced oil that Joe supplied.
So here we are today.......
Wearing Adidas shorts, Nike shirts, drinking Coke, eating McDonalds pizzas driving with our girlfriends in our gas guzzling Chevrolet Optras keeping mum about Afghani massacres and Iraqi invasions while the stupid American children think their Daddy saved the day when he says "don't worry ill smoke Osama out and hunt him down" . In the background the muslim and palestinian leaders cry their voices hoarse.

WHAT are we doing???.....ohhh i know, i know.....we're "CHILLIN OUT" our cowardly lives.

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  1. ill-concieved insanity in words...tht's the best i could say abt this