Sunday, June 19, 2005

EPISODE III - Return of the Shit

It is said Eskimos find it hard to face equatorial heat even without their furs. It goes on to stress how difficult it is for one whose fur is permanent to cope up Vijayawada heat. Being a Japanese Spitz does have its advantages when one visits Japan but that will probably come later in life for J.Caesar II. Currently however he was having a hard time. Doctors recommended permanent retirement to a room with an LG Gold and Caesar being strictly health-conscious in his diet and habits followed the doc’s advice to a T. This in no way hampered his expeditions and so far he has been to Kotappa Konda, Kanaka Durga Hill(Not the temple because the temple authorities practice species discrimination) as well as Guntur.

Recently we made a trip to Vizag, via car, due to various remonstrances from Caesar that he wanted to come and railway authorities seem to be hand in glove with the temple authorities in this species discrimination thing. So after a long time he visited his second Beach .i.e. Vizag, AP (First was Vadinar, GJ).On his return he was seized by a sudden curiosity as to how the system of governance in UTs is different from that of the States. So we decided to come to Vijayawada via Yanam. Back after such a grueling and tiresome journey Julius caught diarrhoea or some such disorder and well...suffice it that this Episode's title is justified.

Recently he got better and the docs have pronounced him a-o-kay. And ever since he got an invitation to the Monarchies of the World Re-union at Tokyo from the Japanese ambassador to India he is contemplating a visit to Japan which reads, probably, as another Rs 60000 added to the Rs 42080 ("my only non-yielding investment in life so far" says Dad.) Now diplomatic visas are one thing but I told Caesar the truth "In India, dogs don’t get passports." The only thing he said was" If Laika can go to space, J.Caesar II is sure as hell gonna go to Japan."

END OF EPISODE III....EPISODE IV will take another year or so don't keep your fingers crossed or you might need a doctor.

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