Monday, December 04, 2006

Les events Extraordinaire de la vie

Rather unfortunate but since my mother-board went overboard, I've had no resources to pen down le events extraordinaire happening in my life. Three events in particular, come to mind.

Event 1: I studied for the Energy Conversion Equipment sem exam with a candle as the sole light source 'cause the switchboard in a wing went up in flames. No, I'm not exaggerating and Yes the irony is quite laughable if my condition weren't so pathetic. Picture me, squinting at a steam turbine diagram in the candle light learning how to generate electricity using only water and right when something pierces my ivory skull, some stupid bug thinks its Icarus and POOF!!! FRIED GRASSHOPPER READY TO SERVE. Right in the middle of an erudite dialogue between my cranium and the book's author, I get plunged into darkness.
The Good News: I already had dinner and so, the ants did get to feed on the grasshopper - medium rare.
The Bad News: Goodbye B+/B and hallo C+. Waaaahhhhh.

Event 2: At the semester's beginning when RKD entered the class to teach RAC, I almost burst out laughing. At what? Many things. At his 2nd opportunity to break my spirit. At the ensuing 4 months of sadistic smiles and semester grades. At my inevitable fate. Sadism in Autumn was his speciality. But No. Not this time. I met my Nemesis again and I defeated Him. He will surely 'remember remember the 24th of November'. This blog post will be my last reference to Him. I do know He will try crushing me with a D on a silver salver but disappointment will greet Him when I accept it with a smile on my face reflecting the knowledge in my heart that I will never EVER see Him again. I can truly picture Him, 20 years from now, telling His grandchildren the story of the Houdini Boy who slipped from his clutches even after He tightened the manacles and chains Himself.
The Good News: I am going to clear RAC exam. Muhahahaha.
The Bad News: People whisper that RKD may be coming to teach next sem too!!! (Gasp...Gulp)

Event 3: K had started this Jeevan Rekha(volunteer blood donors) program here in college. So, yesterday, someone asked for A+ and off I went to a hospital to donate 300 cc worth RBCs. When I got there, I was literally amazed. Seriously, the conditions in hospitals in rural place("let's face it, its plain wilderness and Neanderthal land outside the campus ok!"), its incredible how a miniscule posse of doctors cum compounders cum self-appointed nurses cater to needs of a nation of 1 billion people. Agreed...they use cruder medicines and blunter scalpels but their efficiency is definitely super-high. This hospital was like a manufacturing unit inputted by parts in various conditions and outputting assembled components...!!!. Forgive the mechanical bent here....though I'm afraid I've acquired it permanently. Well the honest truth is I've always been and still am afraid of injections("No, I ain't a cry-baby and not another word out of you") and while RBCs exited my artery painfully, I mulled over the afore-mentioned matters to distract myself...Clever Me.
The Good News: Some Nirmala Devi got well 'coz of me. Yayy!!!
The Bad News: I'm still scared of needles. Why can't they use mouths for putting or taking out stuff from our bodies?

Now as I hear my friend outside gasping for air(Orkut = Air for him) and pen down these events on his PC, I cannot help but get excited about the events to come. Sem 7 flew by and left in its wake a rather bored yours truly. So, when a holiday tour thought crossed someone's mind, I intercepted it before it got erased and put it down on paper. By tomorrow, I'll shake the plan out of the paper into firm objective reality. For the curious and uninformed, here's the planned detour from hostel to home. Hostel - Agra - Mathura - Jaipur - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Mt. Abu - Home.

Look for my next blog 3000 kms and 15 days later.
Au revoir and happy holidays to y'all......

Post Scriptum
: Lord Krishna's birth place scrapped. Not Temp(le)ting enough. Fathepur Sikri it is...!!!