Monday, February 23, 2009

Caught SNAP-ping

Round 3: SNAP

My spies had informed me that this battle involved lotsa female warriors. So I extra-polished my armour and sword the night before. Ahem… precautionary measures you know. But, as I reached the battlefield, the sight was so surreal and confusing that only 2 possibilities could explain what was happening.

A. I had accidentally stepped into a fashion show in progress.
B. I was one of the 20-odd stags in a couples-only pub whose theme for the day was ‘education’ and all the other caribou were locking horns (read: arms) in nervous (read: amorous) excitement.

Luckily the waitress-in-charge seated me at the top-right corner of the room. The only things in my field of view was a flaky white-washed wall and a broken glass window that gave me a bird’s eye view of dirt on the wall of the adjacent building. I say luckily, because, I fought this battle remarkably well.

Expectedly, I got a call from SIBM. I am not surprised. Behind every man's success is a woman... I mean that quite literally... Because if they're out in front of ya, failure is imminent.

Coming Next: NoMATter Required...

Ay! CATaramba!!

Round 2: CAT

As this 150 minute battle began, my insides and my outsides went as calm as a veteran cardiac surgeon’s fingers. You know why? Look below....

Section A... Quantitative Ability.. 25 Qs... 4 Marks per Q... 100 Marks
Section B... Data Interpretation... 25 Qs... 4 Marks per Q... 100 Marks
Section C... Verbal Ability.......... 40 Qs... 4 Marks per Q... 160 Marks

By Toutatis!! Verbal section had 40 solid questions. IIFT be damned, this was gonna be MY CAT! Sure as hell, I cruised through the verbal and quant like the ladybird in the Honda Car ad. But the little girl did not rescue the ladybird. She squished it. Maybe not… but I did hear some squishing sound inside my stomach as I reached the DI section. A strong psychological fear of this section disoriented me and the skilled surgeon had to hack at quite a few arteries using his scalpel. (The jury is out on this one till Jan 9th 2009. I’ll know then if the patient survived.
Edit: 16th Feb 2009. The patient is barely alive... We managed to salvage 3 calls out of this operation. SPJain, MDI and IMT.... :-) )

Coming up: Caught SNAP-ping.

IIFthar Party

Round 1: IIFT

I was told only bravehearts survive this one. Yet I charged ahead. It was after all the beginning of my crusade. I was young and hot-blooded. I actually smiled when the bell rang and thought, “Let the games begin.” How was I to know?

What followed can be summed up in an oft heard Bush-ism... Shock And Awe.

Section 1(Reasoning) -- 32 Qs - 0.8 Marks per Q - 25.6 Marks
Section 2(Quant) -------- 27 Qs - 0.7 Marks per Q - 18.9 Marks
Section 3(DI) ------------- 26 Qs - 0.8 Marks per Q - 20.8 Marks
Section 4(RC) ------------ 12 Qs - 0.8 Marks per Q - 9.6 Marks
Section 5(VA) ------------ 23 Qs - 0.7 Marks per Q - 16.1 Marks
Section 6(GK) ------------ 30 Qs - 0.3 Marks per Q - 9 Marks

Tick-tock tick-tock. I could not stop staring at this table on the first page. The numbers… the marks… Even Ishaan Awasti would’ve been proud of the highly synchronized dance numbers that these numbers put up for my benefit. In those 120 mins, I probably bested the swear-word frequency record I set while watching KANK.

Expectedly, I wasn’t shortlisted for the GD/PI… And thank goodness for that!

Coming Next: Ay! CAT-aramba!

CATatonia.... (EPISODE I)

As you are all (.i.e. the dozen, patient, long-suffering readers of my blog) fully aware, these days, my posts begin with an apology for my prolonged absence and end with a promise of a comeback. But the coming few posts are definitely gonna make it worth your while. You will all get an exclusive one-on-one with my MBA-aspiring alter-ego who managed to write the 15 million MBA related exams available for public consumption in India.

This year(Strike 3... the year 2008), I wrote IIFT, CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and FMS. But in spite of overwhelming public demand, I skipped JMET. Why? Apparently, the IITs don't appreciate the skill involved in MANAGING 4 years of rave parties, college politics, cultural events and computer games along with a 6 point GPA. They only want 7 pointers. And the consequences? Come on.... everyone knows the potency of an uncontrolled, unchained maggu. Maggus, by definition, love numbers and statistics. So, whether from IIM-A or IIT-B, they ultimately form the number-crunching backbone of Merill Lynch or Lehmnan Bros and successfully engineer(no prizes for guessing).... A GLOBAL RECESSION! Yipee! So... damn the IITs!

Pathetic, I know, and yet so true.
Anyway... I seem to be digressing.... I'll begin with MY CAT-tales...

Coming Next: IIFThar party.