Saturday, February 11, 2006

Unforgettable @#$*&!*# Things

Eyes Closed. Memory taking over again.

That least expected unanswerable question shot at me in class
The incessant talking into my ear when I am not even listening
The food visible when the person opposite is chewing with his mouth open
The new pen I buy for the exams that I can't seem to find
The door that doesn't close no matter how hard I try
That power cut right when the movie gets interesting
The long walk to the shop where I find my purse empty
The untimely transfer just when I develop a liking for my house
That forgotten 6 am cell alarm that wakes me up on a Sunday
The soap that runs out in the middle of a bath

Total Recall.
Bah....memory is so over-hyped.
Its given too much credit.

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