Sunday, September 04, 2005

The tale of BC.......a dying art.

BC[bee see]
1 BakChodi, the aimless and pointless arguments and discussions generally yielding results of no importance whatsoever to the involved parties.
2 A forum for killing time brutally and with full conciousness of that act.

Etymologically we have traced its origin to the year AD 1927.( ISM was founded in the same year ).It began as gossip @ chai time in RD.(A tea shop, the only institution to survive the deteriorating effects of time and politics). Slowly the gossip tranformed from being a rare occurence to a daily event in a student's life. It figured in his things to do list everyday. Initially its nature was specific, i.e. about news/class events. But something specific never lasts in this world for long. So BC mutated to reach its new avatar. It transcended time and location....It was now.....

1 Convenient - Now, people could join in or leave at any point of time.
2 Substance deprived - Nothing definitive/substantial was ever said or done.
3 Gripping - Generally the participants had good oratorial skills.
4 Stress release - Nicknames, practical jokes, stand up comedy....all inclusive

And so it has lasted for 75 years.

But then came a revolution, a new era, the ribbon cutting for the Computer Era, the opening of the Information Gateway, in short, computers and the internet. This was a dangerous drug. Drawn like moths to a flame, one by one people slowly fell into its clutches. Some stopped studying, some reading, some playing, some eating, some sleeping, some BREATHING, but all of them stopped BCing. And then the nightmare became true. The art was dying. A few fought it with all their might, but they too knew it was losing battle.

And so we have lost BC. The info giver, the eye opener, attitude changer, self respect builder and finally the life force of students.It no longer remains.

PS: This blog is a tribute to BakChod people all over, a
futile last ditch attempt of one of the fighters. Good bye and farewell.