Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Gravest Sin Of All

OK. That's it. I am officially suicidal. I stayed back last DP Vacation hunting for an internship. A guy opposite my room (inspired by me) also stayed back. Result, he went to Netherlands. Don't ask about me. This time too, I stayed back. If I got through CAT effortlessly, I'd be setting the juniors a bad example right? That's why. But what have my activities been for the last 7 days?

1. 10 new movies on my friend's PC.
2. Forrest Gump, Castaway and The Incredibles a second time.
3. Entire September's Hindu & Economic Times at one go.
4. Watching the lizard on my wall hunt down its prey.
5. Orkutting and Googling things like Godhra, Stalin.
6. Eating the same blighted HongKong Rice, Roti & Paneer Butter Masala day in and day out.

Then, today I realized one thing. Sometimes, humans can get so bored, they'd start doing things which they'd never sanely do, to keep away the boredom. No, I didn't run on the road naked, if that's what you thought. It came to be, that I started studying.............. YES. Your ears aren't playing tricks on you.

I, Rahul have committed the act of studying. There I said it.
Voluntary Studying Without Any Subsequent Examination The Next Day.

That's as close to suicide as I'll ever get. Let's see how long I'll survive on the edge.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Anne Frank"-ly

I am amazed that so many thoughts can occur to a 15 year old girl. After all, she has seen so little of life. On hindsight, as I look back at my life, 15 year old Rahul also thought a lot about life. But he wasn't so self-aware, self-sure. "Look at their eyes." Anne said when she saw children queued up before the crematories, and I couldn't help looking at their eyes. Helplessness stared back at me. Eyes that were resigned to their fate. Death or Freedom. Beyond caring.

I felt extremely bitter after I finished reading. Hatred welled up inside me. I don't know who this hatred was directed against. The Nazis for butchering people like animals, Hitler for his irrational hatred and inhuman annihilation of Jews or Anne Frank for showing and literally making me feel this deep an emotion. I don't really know.

I don't like this diary but there is no way I would've missed reading it.