Sunday, June 19, 2005

EPISODE II - The attack of the Mongrels

Grandparents are usually the most tolerant sub-genus of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. It was, indeed, an extraordinary affair that ruffled their feathers. They came in CONTACT with a species wholly alien to them. Getting to the point, Julius Caesar II arrived in my ancestral home at Hyderabad. While my parents continued in the quest for an apartment, Caesar's quests comprised of his search for Crow-leftovers aka bones and later his search for a conspicuous place to do his then famous Vomit-asana. As it happens to most of us who savour these delicacies, the crow-leftovers wreaked havoc in that delicate digestive system of his. So we sallied forth to find the so called Govt Vet Hospital and despite vigorous protests from his side about the abuse of anti-biotics that happens in these places, we held him while the vet gave him shots.

Finally they found it, not Caesar's expulsions, the apartment. And we moved into Caesar's new and second home. Here too, the unrestive spirit of Caesar managed a few trips to nearby religious places like Chilkur apart from seeing a window(Maruti Esteem's window to be precise) view of the sprawling twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The only thing he regrets is being kept in the dark about a black dog called Sunny D(some say D stands for Dog while others maintain its Deol)who lived next door. He never managed to make a formal acquaintance with Sunny. Sunny on the other hand being truly street smart met lots of the indigenous species called Mongrelus Streetus and brought them home. As the Mongrels' views on Socialism and Equality of Dogs were not very welcome by Sunny's family, these dogs used to be regularly chased away by those strict Capitalists. Tired of lectures they used to attack Caesar. J who tried to bring home to them his own views on 'Cats and their Extermination'.

And then came the heart wrenching day when I had to leave to Dhanbad. Caesar knew I would be away for months and the duty of caretaker and protector of family would rest in toto on his white haired haunches. But he bravely bid adieu to me and got on with life until it culminated in his transfer again to that blazing hot city of Vijayawada.


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