Friday, February 17, 2006

Life's a @#$%^#

I have lost stuff worth Rs 5000 in the last 48 hours. I know that i'm not really unhappy, but still why does it have to happen huh? Why? Is it a phase that i'm going through? Why are such improbable things happening so suddenly huh? I don't understand. I can live with these losses. I am actually pretty cool about them. A huge financial loss. Highly inconvenienced but still not angry or filled with hatred. No problem. I know thes things happen to people. Never guessed I would be the one of THESE peole. But if someone does find my sandals or my cellphone please tell me. All right
Signing off for now.
Au revoir...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Casanova Composition

Isn't today that very day
You are waiting for someone to say
That you are special to him
But maybe he is too dim
Or maybe he has forgotten
So leave me with paper and a pen
And have no more worries
For, I shall write down stories
Of how much you mean to me
And how I can't live to see
When you get really hurt
So here, let me get to work
Anyonymously, so you can call me Burt
Or think i'm a real jerk
And so towards the end .i.e. finally
Judge me very carefully
Am I really out of line
Or will you be my Valentine.

Monday, February 13, 2006

LIFE or something like it......

Things that can make LIFE definitely more interesting......

1 People with different number of arms(3 or 4 would be perfect)
2 Teleportation
3 Dreams that you can clearly remember
4 Telepathy
5 Suckered feet like that of lizards
6 Hostel rooms that change orientation everytime you open/close them
7 Lightning that stays for minimum 5 seconds so that you can look at it properly
8 Telekinetic ability
9 All the fruits on every tree
10 Walls that light up wherever you touch them
11 Ears with filters for all the meaningless things people say
12 Computers you could operate with your eyes only
13 Friction less roads....ya i know
14 CDs that store as much as you want
15 And finally, blogs that write themselves

So, what do you think?
Probably wishing for self-destructing bad blogs eh?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Unforgettable @#$*&!*# Things

Eyes Closed. Memory taking over again.

That least expected unanswerable question shot at me in class
The incessant talking into my ear when I am not even listening
The food visible when the person opposite is chewing with his mouth open
The new pen I buy for the exams that I can't seem to find
The door that doesn't close no matter how hard I try
That power cut right when the movie gets interesting
The long walk to the shop where I find my purse empty
The untimely transfer just when I develop a liking for my house
That forgotten 6 am cell alarm that wakes me up on a Sunday
The soap that runs out in the middle of a bath

Total Recall.
Bah....memory is so over-hyped.
Its given too much credit.

Unforgettable Little Things

Eyes closed. Memory taking over.

Rain drops pattering on huge teak leaves above my head
The misted breeze near a beach which fogs my glasses
That step which I unexpectedly miss going down the stairs
Water dripping off my skin after a swim
The tingling electric shock that is unasked for
Foggy breath that accompanies words on winter mornings
The squishiness when I wiggle my toes in wet shoes
The touch of cool marble on my face after a long run
The sharp rain that pelts my hand when its out of the train window
The early dawn dew when I walk barefoot on green grass
The cool rush of water in my parched dry throat
The singing sound in my ears on Diwali night
The rapid rush of air when I cycle downhill
The wet nose of a dog between my toes
The severe cold water during a 11 pm bath that knocks my breath out
The blitz across a thunder filled night sky

Memory is a superb thing...I think.