Thursday, June 02, 2005

Southern Lights " Aurora Australis "

Prior Scriptum : Please read "Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis" before u read this.
In order to be secular in my articles.....and to avoid being massacred by some of my telugu friends......I wrote this.......
A few days ago I accompanied my family to a telugu wedding in the sleepy hamlet of when u play a game on 2 different comps u always compare and differentiate their config and performance.....i call it i did a diffra on this was peak summer and Vizag + peak summer => sweating buckets. So I said bribe the pujari and postpone all summer muhurts. The result.....well....we need a government like that pujari.....incorruptible.
And there i was in my best clothes going from 1 introduction to the other like a rag toy, every face i see the same.Sweaty....!!! But the suffering was not forever. We eventually reached a closed structure like a weapon storehouse which was beautifully air conditioned and remarkably..... empty!!!(explained later). On a dias were 2 royal thrones where the bride and groom were accepting gifts and the cliched mother-in-law was making a mental inventory of them. A select few dignitaries who obviously were the photographer's favorites had their sweaty faces immortalised by him for future comic relief of the family. My family minus me had 1 of its own taken as well.
Now we come to the mysterious emptiness aspect of this brutally grey cell erasing story. A grave short sightedness on part of the organisers resulted in there being about 6 stalls serving various Andhra delicacies and 4 more serving enriched meals OUTSIDE this seventh heaven. That the ppl chose gastro-intestinal exercise over AC made several fathers with marriagable daughters note down the ph no of the caterers. As far as i was concerned the elastic lining came into play again.

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